Programs for Corporates

Mentoring Women Workforce

We customize the mentoring programs for women across different levels of work experience with a focus on improving their corporate life skills, preparing them for the leadership roles and enabling them manage their work life balance. The programs are contextualized to the organizational framework and culture and leverage the existing practices and efforts to grow women talent. The program duration and content is tailored to meet the organization needs.

Improving “diversity quotient” of the organizations (Consulting Assignments)

Despite significant progress in the area of gender diversity as a result of conscious efforts by companies globally, there are still unwritten rules, practices and behaviors in most organizations that women find difficult to cope with or thrive in. As a result, women move out of the work force especially at the mid management levels. There is a need to make a paradigm shift and challenge the practices that have long been accepted (favorably so) such as long working hours, aggressive style of leadership, “smoking clubs” at work etc.

The scope of the assignment will vary by organization, but broadly speaking, this would include an assessment of organization policies, processes and practices to identify improvement opportunities. The recommendations would be accompanied by an orientation/ training workshop for men and women leaders to improve the dialogue between the two genders.

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Programs for Educational Institutes

Final year students – preparing for the corporate life

Mentoring programs for girls would focus on corporate life skills that are critical for them as they prepare for their professional journeys. Designed for the final year students, these programs will run from 3-6 months (as per the institution’s overall schedule) and will include group sessions as well as 1-1 mentoring. The facilitation will be done by senior business leaders – both men and women, who will contextualize each of the skills with their real-life corporate experience. The sessions are meant to be interactive and semi-formal to ensure an environment of learning and open discussion.

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