Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program only offered to Women?
Yes, this program is designed for women to excel in the workplace and achieve their full potential.
How can I sign up?

We offer need-based intervention. Please go through the Programs section, select a program that best suits your requirements. Please go to the Register page to sign up for any program. Write to us at

How do I schedule a session?

For programs 1 & 2, you will receive the schedule for group sessions. Once a mentor is assigned to you, you schedule sessions with the mentor based on mutual convenience.

For programs 3 & 4, once you have registered for the program successfully, you will receive a calendar link by email. You can schedule a session by using the calendar link. You may write to us at if you like any assistance with scheduling the sessions.

Are these sessions in person or virtual?

The group sessions are virtual, however the 1:1 sessions can be scheduled in person depending on the city that you are based in.

Can I reschedule or cancel an individual session?

You can modify the session at any time (up to 24 hours in advance of the session), but due to limited slots we request you to stay with your schedule as far as possible. Please write to us at for any cancellation request at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session.

Can I be a Mentor?
We would love that. Please drop an email to with your resume/ LinkedIn profile. We will contact you to evaluate your interest and fitment.
Can I pay the fee in instalments?

Though our fee structure has been kept nominal, based on specific criteria, you may get to pay the fee in instalments. Please write to us at to get more details.

Can I get a fee waiver?

Women who are single earning members of their families (or out of employment and financially stressed), will be considered for discounts/ free mentoring based on the assessment of each individual case. Please send your request with a valid reason to Please note that we will have limited “free” seats for each group, and therefore the waiver will be for genuine cases only.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Mentoring is meant to be a long term relationship and benefits accrue as you participate in the program for the recommended/ scheduled period. We encourage you to stay with the program, but share your feedback if there are any concerns. In extreme circumstances, we will allow for cancellations with 50% refund on the remaining program duration fee (for programs 1 & 2).