The facilitators of this training session were very knowledgeable and could communicate effectively. The mentors made themselves gregarious and approachable which allowed open discussions which were filled with so much knowledge and wise tips. The training materials were very invaluable and informative. The 1:1 mentoring session also provided meaningful and fruitful guidance.

The 1:1 mentoring session with my assigned mentor – Ms. Geetha Rajiv has provided meaningful and fruitful guidance. I am grateful to Geetha Ma’am for sharing with me her enriching experience and valuable insights on life goals and a positive approach towards professional growth. The training materials were invaluable and informative.

I am glad to have participated in this excellent training session as it has developed and changed my approach towards different people and situations and taught me how to manage myself effectively with them.

Celesty Hakmausa

It has been an incredible learning experience for me wherein I have developed the areas that will help me to accelerate my career. The best part is that each topic is so well explained. The 1:1 mentoring sessions are like gems……
Gunjan Bhatnagar

The mentoring sessions were wonderful, especially the part of pre-work for group sessions. By listening to the trainers and mentors I feel like I have gained quite a few years of experience. I enjoyed my 1:1 sessions with my mentor. She inspired me in many ways – most importantly, reminding me of my potential and the fact that it is never too late to start chasing my dreams. Thank you for your motivation and feedback. Thank you once again to all the mentors, trainers and my co-participants for a great journey of learning together.
Premalatha Thangaraj

I loved how we all got a chance to share our experiences. There is a lot we keep in our hearts, be it our issues or achievements… getting a platform to share each and everything is empowering. It helps build confidence, it helps getting more clarity and the mentoring helps in building ourselves in a better way.

Mentoring is one of the biggest responsibilities one can take up for themselves. The team at MentorW has so much experience and wisdom to share with us that their learnings throughout their lives became one such great aspect of this program. I remember each mentor sharing their experiences with every aspect at every point and we as mentees got to do the same. Well, if you feel you are lacking clarity in your career, motivation, guidance or any kind of support in life.. this is the right place for you!! I found a lot of what was missing in just this 4 weeks program, and I am so excited to go ahead in life with what I have planned with the help of this program. And ladies, it is never too late to start. You are the MASTER of your life!!! Make the most of it and start now!!! You can reach me on kalrashreya2207@gmail.com for more such details about the program. I will be the happiest to become a very small part of your beautiful journey 🙂

Dear Mentors,
It was an honour for me to have been part of this program.
I feel lucky (touchwood) to have been mentored by you all.
It made me feel like I am part of something that matters and I think that’s all that matters in the world 🙂

Thank you for being so kind, amazing, cheerful (Kanwal Walia, ma’am… waking up so early for us and still being so cheerful was something amazing for me to see).

Geeta Jain ma’am, your energy and leadership skills are to be learnt from…. Thank you for letting me speak my heart out

Shreya Kalra

This program helped me address core issues that I have been struggling with. Throughout, the tone of the program has been that I am capable of drawing required strength within myself while also underlining the importance of building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships. A key benefit of this program is the chance to get connected with like minded, brilliant and talented women that I otherwise would not have met. Excellent quality of Mentorship, diversity of talent and experience in my fellow mentees..(is what I liked most about this program)

It’s a safe space to be open about one’s doubts and vulnerable spots, as well as ambitions and aspirations. My mentors helped me acknowledge and embrace myself while also clarifying the way forward. Plus the opportunity to learn from peers’ experience is uniquely invaluable.

Jyoti Shekhar

Climbing Up is a well-curated program that targets supporting women leaders with concise areas of development. The guest sessions are extremely insightful – the fact that these have representation from both men and women leaders, makes it more prudent. The best part about these sessions is the 1-0-1 mentoring sessions. For me personally, it was the most crucial part since I could discuss the most trivial issues in the most detailed way and seek guidance.

Tulika Srivastava

MentorW is a great platform for working women at different stages of their professional life to interact and learn through the collective experience of mentors as well as peers while interacting in a safe circle of mutual trust and respect for struggles each one of us go through in our professional journeys. Kudos! to team MentorW for recognising and encouraging women leadership.

Content of the program is well planned and is discussed rather than taught, thus making learning more experiential (is what I liked most about the program).

It was a pleasure being part of the MentorW program – learned, shared, discussed; made new connections and journey continues with #t3t the peer learning sessions…….

Stuti Sharma

Being a part of the MentorW program was a unique experience. I always believed in personal strength and resilience and now I also believe in having a mentor when there is a need. This program has changed my perspective on many things, and I owe it all to the entire group of mentors, Geeta Jain and my mentor Gayatri Varma.

Indeed this program is one of a kind. The structural approach, the choice of topics, the content, the 1:1 sessions .. Everything about this program is amazing. I am glad I was a part of it.

Rakhi Agarwal

To all my women friends, I highly recommend the mentorship programs offered by MentorW. It has been a life transforming experience for me personally. Thank you to all the wonderful mentors.

Sheryl Salis

It’s an incredible experience to be mentored by amazingly beautiful people. Your guidance and advice have been invaluable to me since I joined. Forever extolling the virtues of this programme.

Gunjan Kakkar

Must attend for every corporate woman going through a mid-work crisis!

Amirudapriya Balakumar

I enrolled myself for this wonderful “MentorW” Mentoring session for Women.
Geeta Jain You inspire me. I am very happy that I enrolled for this program and getting mentored from an experienced person like you. I got to learn more about myself and where to focus on in my career during our 1-1 Session.

Mentors invest enormous amount of time and energy to help us succeed. I am thankful to MentorW team and Geeta Jain who truly wished the best and mentored me both professionally and personally.

Swathi Rajan

For anyone wanting to accelerate their career, I see this program as an essential. It is not everyday that you get to sit, understand and reflect on your own dreams, challenges and plan with the best of mentors on how to approach life. It is the most enriching career investment which you will make for your career and life.

The content was crisp and relevant and very effectively delivered.

Mayuri Dixit

MentorW is a great initiative, and I would recommend all my friends to enroll in their programs. The discussions during the group sessions are very relevant to today’s workplace scenario and the 1:1 mentoring session is a bonus to have engaging discussions with the world leaders. I have picked-up so many corporate-life skills during the sessions. Overall, it was a very enriching experience!

The candid discussions regarding the relevant topics (….what I liked most about the program)

Saubhagya Jyoti

The coaching session was really helpful in providing me with objective and direction on how I approach any situation, really thankful to Geeta Jain for all the guidance which helped me look at different perspectives. Really grateful.

The content was free flowing and flexible as per the needs of the Mentee.

Sunita Jain

It has been a great experience to be part of this Program. It was a journey to see many other women like myself aspiring to be leaders in there career.
Gunjan Katyal

Thank you MentorW and all Mentors very well structured and thought out.
Kunmun Prasad